Job Description:

I need a cleaner+ironing done in Stepney Green by the station 2 times/week to clean a 1 bedroom flat = 2 rooms, 1 tiny kitchen, 1 tiny bathroom Pay 8 pounds per hour. usually 3.5 hrs every time you 7 hrs a week.more work possible if needed for other houses. I work from home so you need to be ok to clean around can come at anytime to clean.ideally after 10am tuesdays and fridays. I need you to put disorganised things in the right place.Guideline for cleaning: Kitchen, floors in all flat, bathroom, hall twice a week plus my ironing+change bedsheets+laundry Kitchen – dusting w wet cloth, worktops, fridges, floor, dishes away, oven roughly, hob, vacuum and wipe floor, skirting boards, organize cutlery drawer(when disorganized). put dishes in dishwasher. enter with your keys. Bathroom –clean bath, toilet, sink, skirting boards, floor Hall – clean floor, skirting boards Rooms – twice a week – dust and vacuum, wash floor, organise roughly.

Also, if you have time, you need to please organize my drawers periodically. Eg. Once a week you could organize the sock drawer, and say the jewellery drawer; another week the electricals drawer. As for the clothes, I put dresses/clothes in my closet by colour. Bedsheets Please change bedsheets once a week Ironing: mainly shirts.No need to iron bedsheets. No need to iron tshirts – just hang in my wardrobe No need to iron synthetics (my sports stuff) Please Only iron shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts (if not synthetic) wash Laundry and put them to dry then iron them. Please wash reds and pinks together – separately from other colours (not with blacks) contact me to start this week 07557351222. I prefer if you can send me your CV at 2 verbal references needed.

Requirements for job:

  • Must speak some English
  • Must be relatively local to Stepney Green zone 2
  • Must be dynamic and fast. There is a lot of ironing and methodical organising.
  • Must be willing to organise clothes by colour
  • Must come on agreed days.Time is flexible since you will be given keys
  • Must be willing to clean around me because I work from home.
  • Must have some experience of ironing silk shirts
  • Must have a can do attitude
  • Must inform if you cannot come for whatever reason
  • Must not bring other people to the flat to include for the interview
  • Must be able to do shopping sometimes
  • Must inform if there is anything missing for cleaning for example detergent

Other Information:

I manage several properties so more work is possible if you do very well in this one.This flat is very small and I would like to have it very organised. Therefore every week I would like you to organise a different drawer or drawers,the kitchen cupboards, so that gradually everything is in its labeled place.
I don*t mind about what time you come.I would just prefer it to be after 10am on Tuesdays and Fridays.usually 3.5 to 4 hours.
Email to apply