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Why Rent a Room, Not a Flat?

I am going to tell you Why You Should Consider Renting a Room Rather Than a Flat in London: Living in a flatshare means that a group of generally unrelated people are joining together to rent a property. The difference between a flatshare and a houseshare is the fact that a flat share is a… Read more »

Why Should You Consider Renting a Room?

Renting a room is a savvy and affordable way to rent a property, due to reasons such as saving money, flexibility and building new friendships. If you are on a budget, saving for a deposit for a house or studying, renting a room could be the best solution for you. Sharing with other people gives… Read more »

5 Reasons why Renting a Room May Be the Best Solution for You

Let me tell you why you should consider renting a room in London, and five reasons why renting a room is the best option. London has a lot of accommodation options: hotel rooms, hostels, rooms to rent in a flat share, entire flats or room shares. London has one of the most expensive house markets… Read more »